By Laura Osborne and special thanks to U.N.D.P. AccLabs

Mahasin Ismail was inspired to tackle the issue of Sudan’s underserved tourism sector in her native country. She launched a digital marketplace for hosted accommodations, an innovative solution that’s using inclusive tourism as a vehicle for change.

While completing a leadership program in Texas, 18-year-old Mahasin Ismail had a life-changing experience with a local family that transformed her notion of what home means. Once she returned to her native Sudan she launched Saunders Homestay, a digital platform that helps local families host travellers for short stays in their own homes. …

Image credit: UNDP/ Stipe Surac.

Did Albert Einstein really say, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”?

It doesn’t matter much. But the idea behind it matters a lot.

How can we expect the same practices and the same approaches to reducing poverty, protecting the environment, and leaving no one behind to effectively work in a world that changes every day at such a large scale?

Because of the speed, dynamics, and complexity of today’s challenges, we’re not making fast enough progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

This is why the United Nations Development Programme…

Image Credit: UNDP.

Cities are multiplying and expanding at an unprecedented rate. Currently, half of humanity lives in urban settings and that number is predicted to swell to 68 percent by 2050.

Having access to affordable housing, clean air and water, and open public spaces is one of the most urgent issues urban communities are facing worldwide. Over 90 per cent of COVID19 cases arise in urban areas, with the 1 billion residents of the world’s most densely populated slums being hit the hardest.

What can we do to ensure that urban centres and communities develop in ways that leave no one behind…

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An initiative dedicated to celebrating grassroots solutions and connecting the people behind them for a more sustainable future. Hyundai x UNDP.

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